Electric Ukuleles and Uketars

Handmade by Mark Vinsel in Juneau, Alaska

Miss your guitar when traveling? That's why many of us have taken up the ukulele, but they

too are susceptible to the rough treatment, harsh weather and humidity changes that cannot be avoided when traveling,

especially in Alaska.


Southeast Alaska's Sitka spruce, yellow and red cedar in a solid body, integrated neck design creates

a rugged, reliable, weatherproof high quality instrument that you can take and play anywhere.

Use a standard guitar amp or battery powered mini amp such as Danelectro Honeytone, or enjoy the

quiet and mellow sound that these fine quality woods produce unamplified.




Left to right – yellow cedar uketar, Sitka Spruce uke, red cedar uketar.





Description: Solid Body Steel String Electric Ukuleles and Uketars

Body – Sitka Spruce, Alaska Yellow Cedar, or Alaska Red Cedar. Tenor uke-size – 9" lower bout, 6.5 inch upper bout.

Neck – Continuous through body, Scale Length – 17 (ukes), 18" (uke-tars). Carbon fiber reinforced. Headstock angle 10 degrees.

Fretboard – Maple (rosewood or ebony available on request).  Ukes are supplied with traditional flat fretboards while uketars are supplied with 12" radius fretboards.

Nut – Bone, 1-3/8" Width (uke), 1-3/4 nut width (uketars). Other widths available on request.

Bridge – adjustable compensation & string height -  Moongazer four string 1-3/4" (ukes). Gotoh 2-1/16" (uketars)

Tuners – Grover Mini-Rotomatic.

Pickups / Electrical –Basic configuration – single two-coil humbucking (shown on spruce uke above). Optional separated single coils, high output, switchable for upper only, lower only, and both (in phase with opposite polarity for humbucking).

All pickups are individually crafted for each instrument, handwound #42 or #43 coil wire,  ~5500 to ~7500 ohm each coil, Alnico #5 magnets, maple core, copper shielding, maple cover, opposite polarity and windings for humbucking. Endpin Jack - 1/4" Mono.

Setup  - Uke: High G,C,E,A - string gauge .010, .017, 013, .009.  Optional low G setup use .024 first string.

Uketar – A,D,G,C,E,A – string gauge .042, .032, .024, .016., .011., .009. (Dean Markley light gauge guitar)

Base prices: Uke - $450;  Uketar - $600. 

Options: Dual switchable pickups – add $75.  Rosewood fretboard - add $25.  Ebony fretboard – add $50.


Gallery Play it Now Special –all ukes and uketars sold in the gallery are supplied with Danelectro Honeytone mini amp, 3' cable, & gig bag at no additional charge.



Electric ukes and uketars are guaranteed against all defects in workmanship and design for the life of the original owner or myself.

I will repair or replace instrument or any components that fail due to workmanship or design flaws in the course of normal use.


Hand Made in Juneau Alaska, USA,  by Mark Vinsel, 8750 North Douglas Hwy, Juneau AK 99801

Sold through: Juneau Artists Gallery Ltd, a retail cooperative of local artists.

To order or to discuss a custom instrument, please call me by telephone at 907-586-3424.

Please note that due to excess spamload I am unable to respond to emails.